Here’s three Ando episodes, well, mostly two. The rounder faces and bodies are really appealing to me.

49, 54, and two screenshots from 40.

Motion blur sucks.

Episode 51 (Kagawa). 

I cheated with that last image but it was for the greater good.

What a good show.

But so ends the best anime of whatever season this was airing in.

Well I’m late finishing this show as usual.

Moving onto Sailor Moon R with episode 48. The first episode Hasegawa was the animation director for.

Oh and another reminder that Tim Sheehy of Japanator thinks these scenes are poorly animated and “quality”.
People like him what have that reaction where they call anythin’ that’s a smear, an under-detailed distance shot, or havin’ anythin’ remotely off model as “LOL QUALITY”, make it fuckin’ impossible to have an ACTUAL discussion of the technical merits of an animated work.