More twirling animation please

Toei doing that thing where they give the episode where girls go to dig up vegetables or whatever more money.
It happened in Motto Doremi where they go pick yams (Umakoshi was the animation director for that one). It happened in Doki Doki where they go to pick carrots and steal the plot of that Doremi episode almost entirely. And now it’s happening in HappinessCharage.
Three times is enough for me to point it out right?

Well it took eleven episodes but here we are at last.

Speaking of Ohira, I should rewatch Wanwa.

To this day I still don’t understand why that lady didn’t want that turtle.

Kouichi Motomura was the animation director thou.

And what I mean by that is the first half of episode five, which ANN calls episode 9, instead of 5A or something like that. I dunno. It’d seem easier to keep track of if you just called it 5A, 5B etc

Shin Itagaki was the story boarder, Episode Director, and did the script for Panty and Stocking episode 5/9.

But other then that I’m enjoying this show.

The thing they’re doing with the OP is really terrible for a person like me.